Products for the Deutsche Bahn

  ♦ Detection of wheel damage / wheel eccentricity measurement / wheel flat location
  ♦ Determination of train / vehicle weights
  Identification of trains and vehicles
  Determination of 18 different train types: passenger train, freight train, construction vehicle, locomotive, etc.
  Measurement of rail temperature and remote maintenance    


Employing the latest technology

  ♦ Wired transmission technology
      ISDN, DSL, SHDSL, Ethernet via route cables, XMP-1, RS232
   Wireless transmission technology:
      GSM, GPRS and UMTS
  SQL databases
  RAS-VPN, WebDAV, connectDirekt
  Encryption technology, use of certificates
   System stability with self-monitoring

Connection to existing infrastructure

 ♦ RFID readers
 ♦ Train numbers
 ♦ Signalling Systems
 ♦ ISI

Installation sites

 ♦ Concrete equipment house, directly at track signal boxes
 ♦ Display for traffic controller
 ♦ Operations control centres (OCC)
 ♦ Workshops for maintenance (depot)


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